Konni Janssen is a self taught Danish artist, who have just started to explore editorial cartoons.

It all happened by chance. In 2016 she was called by Yosi Sergant (he commissioned the famous Hope poster), he asked if he could borrow a painting she had done of Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Polition in Los Angeles. She was honored and of said yes. In the end both of her Hillary paintings were featured in the entry of the gallery hall.

Politicon lead to a few articles on different websites and an email from Huffington Post saying they were going to make an article about political art and wanted to post both of the Hillary paintings shown at Politicon. They encouraged her to make more political art to submit as well, as it was going to be an ongoing article throughout the entire election. She decided to try editorial cartooning for fun and got a few of her cartoons featured in the article as well.

Konni was also featured in Editorial & Political Cartoons on their Facebook page (they post editorial cartoons from newspapers) and surprisingly got many more votes that most of the professional cartoonists, it pushed her to give it a try and becoming a professional editorial cartoonist herself.

You can follow her progess here on her blog and on Facebook

Konni Janssen also paints and writes and illustrates children’s picture books under her maiden name of Konni Jensen. Her websites are www.konnijensen.com and www.peterandtheclosetmonster.com